What strategies should I consider when playing femdom games?

What strategies should I consider when playing femdom games?

For those who are new to the world of femdom games, it can feel quite intimidating. However, it’s important to remember that the aim of all femdom games is to empower the female partner and to allow her to take control. While some prefer a more structured approach to femdom games, others enjoy a more free-form engagement that allows for spontaneity and creativity. No matter your preference, there are several strategies you can consider to make your femdom game experience both rewarding and enjoyable.

Communicate Openly and Honestly

The first and most important strategy to consider when playing femdom games is communication. Setting clear boundaries, discussing expectations and desires, and respecting each other’s comfort levels is key to creating a safe and enjoyable environment. Both partners should feel comfortable expressing what turns them on, what they’re not comfortable with, and what they would like to explore. It’s important to recognize that good communication in femdom games carries over into honest and open communication in all aspects of the relationship.

Establish Trust

Trust is an essential component of any femdom game. Without trust, it can be difficult to engage properly, and the overall experience can feel forced and uncomfortable. At the outset, it’s important to establish trust with each other. One way to do this is by setting clear rules and guidelines for the game, respecting each other’s limits, and communicating effectively at all times. As the game progresses, check-ins can be helpful to ensure that both partners remain comfortable and on the same page.

Play with Power Exchange

A central aspect of femdom games involves power exchange. One partner takes on a dominant role, while the other takes on a submissive role. The dominant partner takes control, enforces rules, and engages in activities that emphasize their power over the submissive partner. When playing, it’s essential to create a safe and consensual environment where the dominant partner is in control. This can involve setting up a play area, creating rules and guidelines, and establishing punishments and rewards for good or bad behavior.

Experiment with Role-Playing

Role-playing is a popular way to explore femdom games. The dominant partner, or the femdom, takes on a fictional persona, while the submissive partner adopts a role that is opposite, such as a student, servant, or slave. Role-playing can add a significant degree of variety and can make the experience significantly more immersive. Whether you decide to play out a scene from a favorite movie or book, or you create your scenario, role-playing can be an enjoyable and exciting way to explore femdom games.

Use Toys and Equipment

Using toys and equipment can add an extra dimension to your femdom game experience. Depending on your preferences, you may try out different tools like paddles, whips, cuffs, or other BDSM paraphernalia. It is important to remember that safety is always paramount, and all toys should be used with caution, following the instructions of the manufacturer.

In conclusion, there are many strategies to consider when playing femdom games. Communication, trust, power exchange, role-playing, and the use of toys and equipment are just some of the ways to make the femdom game experience exciting and enjoyable. Like with any other form of BDSM, it’s important to always prioritize the safety and comfort of both partners. By doing so, exploring femdom games can be a fantastic way to enhance the connection, trust, and intimacy between partners. Site link

What techniques do femdoms use on Kik to dominate their subs?

As the world’s largest mobile messaging app, Kik has gained widespread popularity among the BDSM community, specifically among Femdoms (female dominants) and their submissive partners. Femdom relationships are based on power exchange, where the dominant partner has control over the submissive partner, and they use different techniques to assert their dominance. In a Kik femdom relationship, these techniques are used to augment and enhance the interactions between the dominant and submissive partners.

There is no doubt that Kik can be an effective tool in helping Femdoms physically, mentally, and emotionally connect with their subs. In Kik femdom, the dominants apply various techniques that aim to humiliate, control, discipline and reward their subs. Here are some of the typical techniques that Femdoms incorporate to dominate their subs on Kik.

Power Exchange

Power exchange is the core framework of femdom relationships. A dominant partner has the power, authority, and control over their submissive partner. One of the techniques that Femdoms use on Kik is to establish power dynamics by using suggestive language. This can include specific titles that the submissive partner would have to use such as “Mistress, or “Goddess. Using such terms can reinforce the power exchange and establish the areas that the dominant will have control, simulating a real-time power exchange scenario.


Humiliation is one of the most popular techniques Femdoms use to control and dominate their subs. Online, humiliation can be achieved through a variety of mediums including text, photos, videos and voice messages. By making the sub feel small and insignificant, humbling them, the dominant partner can assert their power and affirm their control over the sub. Some examples of humiliation techniques used include forced feminization, insulting the sub, or making them feel inferior in different scenarios.

Financial Domination

Financial domination is a prevalent technique among Femdoms. Essentially, it involves the dominant partner extracting money from the submissive in exchange for the dom’s attention. Femdoms will use Kik to communicate with their subs, giving them instructions on how to send money or gifts in exchange for their attention. This technique can be cyber-based or real-time, depending on what the dom and sub have agreed upon.

Sensual Tease

Sensual tease refers to the act of teasing the submissive partner without necessarily being too sexually explicit. It is a technique that is particularly effective on Kik since it doesn’t require face-to-face contact. The dominant will entice the sub by teasing them through words and sexting without actually following through with physical activities. In addition, there are limitless ways Femdoms can use sensual tease to build tension and create anticipation. Sensual tease could include eye contact, finger gestures, verbal teasing, or even audio clips.

Punishment and Rewards

Punishment and rewards are techniques that are used by the dominant partner to reinforce control over the submissive partner. While punishment is a technique meant to correct the sub’s behavior, rewards are a way to encourage desirable behaviors. It’s common for Femdoms to establish a set of rules that the sub has to follow. For example, the dominant can instruct the sub to send them a photo back by a specific time as a form of obedience. Punishment and rewards can range from withdrawing dominant attention or increasing the number of tasks the sub does.


Femdom relationships refer to relationships where female dominants control their submissive partners. Kik is increasingly becoming a platform of choice for communication between the Dominant and submissive, thanks to its convenience, privacy and versatility. The communication techniques used by the dominant partner to assert control over the sub are varied, including sensual tease, punishment, rewards, financial domination and humiliation. Communication can take several forms such as text, audio and pictures, making it even more personalized for the parties involved. Kik Femdom is an exciting way to keep power exchange relationships alive and well. By learning the techniques used by Femdoms, subs can expand their experience and reach new levels of submission.
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