dandelion wine recipe

What is dandelion wine made from?

Dandelion wine is made from the flowers of the dandelion plant. The dandelion is a member of the Asteraceae family, and its scientific name is Taraxacum officinale. The dandelion is native to Europe, Asia, and North America, and has been introduced to many other parts of the world. It is a weed that often grows in lawns, and its flowers are yellow.

To make dandelion wine, the flowers are picked and then soaked in water. yeast is then added, and the mixture is left to ferment for a period of time. The resulting wine is typically yellow, and has a slightly sweet taste. It can be drunk on its own or used in cocktails.

How much dandelion wine can you make with one gallon of dandelions?

Assuming you have one gallon of dandelions and access to enough water and sugar, you could make eight to ten bottles of dandelion wine. The process is simple and only requires time, so anyone can do it.

To start, you will need to pick the dandelions. Make sure to avoid any that have been sprayed with pesticides. Once you have your dandelions, rinse them off to remove any dirt or debris. You will need about two pounds of dandelions.

Next, you will need to prepare the dandelions. For this, you will need to remove the stems and the green leaves. Once this is done, you can chop the dandelions into smaller pieces.

After the dandelions are prepared, it’s time to start making the wine. For this, you will need a primary fermentation vessel, water, sugar, and yeast. You will also need some air-tight bottles for storage.

To begin, add the dandelions and water to the fermentation vessel. The water should be enough to cover the dandelions. Then, add sugar to the vessel. The amount of sugar you’ll need depends on how sweet you want your wine to be. A good rule of thumb is to use one pound of sugar for every gallon of liquid.

Once the sugar is added, it’s time to add the yeast. You can use any type of yeast, but active dry yeast is a good option. To proof the yeast, add it to a small amount of water and sugar. This will give the yeast the food it needs to become active.

Once the yeast is proofed, add it to the fermentation vessel. Stir everything together, then cover the vessel with a cloth. This will allow the yeast to do its job while keeping fruit flies and other airborne contaminants out.

Allow the mixture to ferment for two weeks. During this time, you will need to stir it once a day. After two weeks, the wine is ready to bottle.

To bottle the wine, use a funnel to pour it into the bottles. Leave about an inch of headspace at the top of each bottle. Then, seal the bottles with a cork or a screw-top lid.

Store the bottles in a cool, dark place. The wine will be ready to drink in about six months.


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